SX Software

SX Software is an emerging company. Based on the enthusiasm of the founders, it was created as a hobby, "garage project" and from the need to present experiences, achievements and our best practices in application of desktop and web technologies.

We have 20+ years of professional experience in the application of primarily MS, but also other technologies: Windows, IIS, MSSQL, SSRS, SSAS, but also Java, Oracle, Android, MySQL, PHP...

Currently, the Company is all about the JavaScript client framework: SX.Framwork.

Version 1 has been developed for the last 5 years as a logical structuring of existing functions in "namespaces" by datatypes (string, number, boolean, date, object, html, http, controls, windows, globalization, application, session, page ...), protecting them behind "the namespace" sx.

Two years ago, we started developing version 2. The main goal was not to be dependent on ASP technologies.

To accelerate the development of framework-based applications, we started a project: SX Gravity Studio.

In the near future, we plan to make the SX Gravity VSIX extension for MS Visual Studio.

Nowadays as new frameworks are "growing like mushrooms", it is valid to ask the question: "Why new framework"?

Our answer would be:

  • R&D - progress in web client / server technologies, where by progress we mean: simpler, more structured, faster, higher, stronger
  • SX Framework has its target group of users - these are ASP developers who decide to replace or supplement the server side with client side UI development

"The whole trouble comes from the fact that there is so much tinkering with software. It is not made in a clean fabrication process, which it should be. What we need, is software engineering."

F.L. Bauer, 1968, NATO conference

SX Framework 1 (ECMA5 + JQ + ASP)

If you are ASP developer, developing UI in ASP pages (Web Forms, MVC Razor, NET Core MVC Razor or NET Core Razor Pages) our ECMA5 framework is ideal solution for you.

Framework enables you to easily localize your application, you can easily implement account level security and it contains set of robust, heavy duty controls like input, combo, browse, list, grid/tree.

SX Framework 2 (TS ECMA6)

Framework 2 is based on Framework 1 so it inherits all good properties of version 1. It is self-contained because it does not reference any 3rd party library.

Framework is written entirely in TypeScript ECMA6.

Because it was inspired by NET.Framework and ASP, it is especially suitable for ASP developers who want to switch from server side front-end development to client side front-end development.

SX Gravity Studio

Studio was created to support SX Framework in Rapid Application Development (RAD) of SPA applications based od predefined or custom responsive layouts.

With studio you can easily create both TypesSript ECMA6 and ASP (.NET or .NET Core) Web API interfaces/classes based on database objects (tables, views, functions, stored procedures, custom queries).

SX Gravity For MS Visual Studio

It is in our plans to create Visual Studio Extension (VSIX) thus allowing you to easily integrate framework's RAD capabilities into your existing web projects.